Horner calls for a ‘revisit’ of Friday penalties

Michelle Foster
Christian Horner calls for a 'revisit' of Friday penalties

Christian Horner calls for a 'revisit' of Friday penalties

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner wants Friday penalties to be revisited, saying “all of the teams” agree with him.

Red Bull’s Pierre Gasly was handed a pit lane at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix after the Frenchman failed to stop for the weighbridge.

Instead of stopping, he drove into his Red Bull pit box, put on new tyres and ventured back out onto the track.

Horner feels it was a “harsh” call.

He told Crash.net: “I think everybody agreed in a meeting we had [on Saturday] with [F1 motorsport director] Ross Brawn and all of the teams that penalties on Friday that affect the rest of the weekend need a a bit of a revisit.

“I think that penalty was too harsh for the crime that was committed.

“If he’d been 50 kilos underweight the penalty would have only been the same.”

The team boss defended Gasly’s non-stop, saying Red Bull were in the process of simulating a double pit stop.

“Obviously the driver’s the one that’s seeing the light,” he said. “Usually there is also a reminder. But we were focused on doing a double pit stop.

“He’d been told to push to practice the pit lane entry which is a bit different here, he had a snap of oversteer on the way in, he’s missed the lights, the team’s focused on the first pit stop as a double pit stop for [Max Verstappen].

“So it was just one of those things.”

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