Horner denies Honda engine vibration issue

Christian Horner: No Honda issues

Christian Horner: No Honda issues

Red Bull boss Christian Horner has denied that there are any vibration issues with the new Honda power unit.

Rumours have been swirling that something is amiss with the integration of the Honda power unit inside the RB15 and part of the reason why Red Bull have been spending a little more time in the garage compared to their rivals.

According to ex-McLaren engineer Marc Priestley, the RB15 has not been able to run in a higher engine mode because of vibrations from the engine.

This is an issue that was also reported when the Japanese manufacturers were just powering the Toro Rosso cars last season.

But Horner is adamant that everything at Red Bull is running as planned and there are no problems with the Honda engine.

“There’s absolutely no vibration issue that we encountered at all in any of the running,” Horner told Racefans.net.

“So I’m not quite sure where that’s come from.”

Horner went on to add that Red Bull have been experimenting with a lower downforce set-up compared to the early stages of the first test.

“We were running a bit lighter in downforce earlier in the week,” he added.

“But it’s obviously all about understanding these rules, these regs.

“The car’s hitting the targets that we’ve set. As as we always see at this time of year it’s too easy to get sucked into other people’s business.

“We’re very much focused on what we’re doing and our own program. And so far everything is running to plan.”

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