Horner: F1 regulation talks a bit like Brexit

Michelle Foster


Christian Horner has equated the negotiations over Formula 1’s 2021 rules to Brexit, “things are put on the table and then taken off.”

The F1 teams along with the sport’s owners Liberty Media and the FIA have spent the past months debating potential rules changes for 2021.

Looking at everything from engines to aerodynamics, budget caps to redistribution of prize money, consensus has been difficult to come by.

“A bit like Brexit,” the Red Bull team boss explained to Sky Sports F1. “Things are put on the table and then taken off the table.

“We need to get something done because time is running out.”

He is, however, hoping that when all is said and done, the new regulations will not only end Mercedes’ dominance but also put the emphasis back on the drivers.

“Inevitably teams will get it right and teams will get it wrong,” he told Crash.net. “But hopefully the concept of what they are looking at should put more inference on the driver to be a bigger variable than he or she currently can be.

“That’s what Formula 1 desperately needs.

“It needs the drivers very much to be the stars, to be modern day chariot racers and that we have wheel-to-wheel, exciting, and to a degree, unpredictable racing, because serial winning like we have at the moment, the teams in many respects are getting too good at predicting the outcome of a weekend with the updates they introduce.

“Hats off to Mercedes, they’ve done a better job than anybody to be in the position they are, but hopefully the technical regulations will be the biggest driver to shuffle that around and change that, and hopefully introduce more variance.”

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