Horner not suspicious about Ferrari fuel

Date published: April 19 2019 - Jamie Woodhouse

Christian Horner denies his comments on the smell of Ferrari's fuel was a suggestion of them cheating.

Christian Horner has denied being suspicious of Ferrari’s fuel after previously saying it had a strange smell.

Speaking to German publication Auto Motor und Sport, Horner said: “The fuel from Ferrari smells like grapefruit juice.”

However, the Red Bull principal has now confirmed that this was not an attempt at suggesting underhanded tactics from the Scuderia – he in fact believes they have done a very good job with a key area of their development.

Speaking to Motorsport.com, he said: “Suspicious is probably the wrong word.

“They [Ferrari] are obviously doing a good job because they have been, particularly in a straightline, the stand out competitors this year. Obviously fuel is part of that performance and I think they are doing a good job.

“ExxonMobil [Red Bull’s supplier] are seeing some good gains on our side as well, and they are working very hard in partnership with Honda.

“It is a particular area of interest for development, as it is effectively free and open without constraint, so there is definitely performance available in that area.”

Shell serve as the fuel partner for Ferrari, a partnership which has proved its worth after the company revealed earlier this year that from its analysis, 21% of Ferrari’s engine gains in 2018 were due to their products.

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