Horner: Renault staff ‘let down’ by management

Renault: Another swipe from Red Bull

Renault: Another swipe from Red Bull

The slanging match between Red Bull and Renault has continued with Christian Horner critical of the Enstone team’s management.

There is no sign of any Christimas spirit between the two now former partners, who have split after 12 years together at the end of the 2018 season.

Horner did acknowledge there were some positives from Renault in 2018, but he soon turned that into another note of negativity.

“Credit where credit is due – in Mexico we were provided with an engine that was capable of winning, as we were in Austria and China,” Horner told Autosport.

“We were lucky in Monaco, even without an MGU-K. Any other circuit and we would have been stuffed.

“I have total admiration for the Renault guys in the garage that are working their socks off, week in, week out.

“But I think they’ve ultimately been let down by the main house’s lack of commitment to development and reliability.”

Horner feels that lack of commitment can be best seen in Renault continuing to play a game of musical chairs with its engine parts rather than investing into further development.

“Too often you see parts being taken from one engine to go onto another,” Horner added.

“That’s been too much of a theme over the whole hybrid era, and that must compromise dyno time, that must compromise endurance running, and so on.”

Horner is not the only one to have criticised Renault recently, with Red Bull motorsport advisor, Dr Helmut Marko, also singling out Renault’s uncompetitive budget.

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