Incredible puns and widespread confusion – how the F1 world reacted to Visa Cash App RB

Sam Cooper
The VIsa Cash App RB and Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo's message about the new name was rather short.

Visa Cash App RB was officially added to the F1 grid yesterday and received plenty of backlash online.

From journalists wondering what to call the new team to others worrying about the future of the sport, the new name was widely condemned in F1 circles.

We’ve picked out some of the best reactions as Red Bull reveal the monster they’ve created.

Former F1 driver speaks out at not ‘appropriate’ name

Giedo van der Garde was the first former F1 driver to give his verdict and he believed it was simply not an “appropriate name for a Formula One team.”

“I know I’ve just retired so I don’t wanna sound like “everything in the past used to be so much better”,” he tweeted. “But to my opinion “Visa Cash App RB” isn’t an appropriate name for a Formula One team.”

BBC facing problems with sponsorship rules

As a state-broadcaster, the BBC has strict rules when it comes to sponsorship and advertising during their shows and the new Faenza team name has certainly posed them a problem.

It is, of course, not a new problem as their chief F1 reporter Andrew Benson tweeted last year that Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber will be referred to as simply Sauber to avoid mentioning the betting brand.

So what do they do with Visa Cash App RB? With no obvious name attached, commentator Jennie Gow has asked what they should be calling the new team.

“Any ideas on what [BBC presenter] Harry Benjamin can call the new Toro Rosso team??” she asked.

“Because let’s face it, Visa Cash App RB Formula One Team doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue.”

More than just a name change says team CEO

As for the reaction from the inside, CEO Peter Bayer has implied it is more than just a name change.

“The shareholders, when they were resharpening things, they also said, ‘we want you to be competitive’,” said Bayer.

“Franz [Tost] always says, and honestly in the meantime I agree 100%, that a young driver needs three years to be sort of ready for F1.

“With all the complexity the sport is currently requiring, and the amount of information they have to digest and process and then feed back to us, so that we again understand as a team what to do, how to change the settings and so on, and to be competitive, simply they need a lot of time.”

Craig Slater and the many Visa puns

Those of you familiar with Craig Slater’s work will know the Sky Sports reporter is happy to see the lighter side of things.

Famously, he swam in Miami’s fake marina and now he has been having a bit of fun regarding the new Visa name.

With serious discussion about the team out the way, Slater reeled off pun after pun regarding the new name.

“What about the Visas?” he said when pondering what to call the new team. “And I’ve been thinking about this because just think about this, if they gain or lose places off the line, they’d be either Visa debit or credit.

“If they get really fast and hit top speed on the streets, they would hit the Visa limit.

“And even better than this, how about this? If Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda go through an entire season without having a crash? They would be? Yes, Visa contactless.

“I’m here all week. Ladies and gentleman.”

Never change, Craig.

Daniel Ricciardo’s short but telling message

As for the driver reaction, well that was limited to five (ish) words from Daniel Ricciardo.

He reposted the video onto his Instagram with the caption “new name new colours lezgobaybee” which we are guessing was not his initial reaction when he first heard the news.

A trip down the Faenza’s team past

F1 YouTuber Tommo has taken us on a trip down memory lane with a look at the Faenza outfit since Red Bull took over and how Visa Cash App RB is a step away from the norm.

He tweeted: “A reminder that Red Bull bought Minardi, renamed it to Toro Rosso which is a direct translation “Red Bull” into Italian, then renamed it to AlphaTauri which is the name of a star they’ve given to a clothing brand, and have now renamed it to Visa Cash App RB – with two title sponsors plus an “RB” that according to the teams promotional material should be referred to as RB and RB only, even though they’re owned by Red Bull, and according to their own website they’re registered as “Racing Bulls SpA”, but because they’ve not given the team a naming identity beyond “RB” plus these title sponsors, instead of internally calling the team “Racing Bulls”, which would obviously make the most sense, internally they’re calling the team “VCARB”, which sounds like some kind of supplement that keeps your poo solid.”

Succinctly put. recommends

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A glimpse into the future of F1?

Driver and YouTuber Steve Alvarez Brown painted a worrying picture of what could become the new normal in 2026.

He tweeted: “The VISA Cash App RB overtakes the Mastercard Mobil 1 McLaren driven by Oscar Peroni Piastri.

“Meanwhile it’s Max Heineken Verstappen taking the win at the Aramco-Coca Cola London Grand Prix, his 12th win of the season on street circuits.

“Alex AWS Albon crashes at the Amazon Prime Parabolica in his Bet365 Casio-Powertrains Williams during the Louis Vuitton Italian GP. This triggers the Monster Energy red flag and the second Deliveroo safety car of the race.”

Enough to send a shudder down the spine.

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