Will Smith shows Hamilton how it’s done

How to wave the chequered flag by Will Smith

How to wave the chequered flag by Will Smith

Should Lewis Hamilton one day walk away from F1 and find himself missing the sport, he can always wave the chequered flag after being taught how by Will Smith.

Last year Winnie Harlow proved that waving the chequered flag isn’t always the easiest job.

The model, a close friend of Hamilton’s, had the honour at the Canadian Grand Prix but waved it one lap too early after officials instructed her to do so.

And while Smith doesn’t have an answer for that, he did at least teach Hamilton a new technique.

Smith reckons now that Hamilton has seen how it should be done, he’s going to Sfeel let down in the future.

“It is going to be hard for you next time you drive past the finish line and you don’t have that, watch, you are going to feel the void,” he said.

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