‘Idiot’ Ferrari fans who Max Verstappen gave the middle finger issue heartfelt apology

Jamie Woodhouse
Max Versatappen looks left at the 2024 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen claimed his fifth victory of the F1 2024 season at Imola

Max Verstappen became a “legend in our hearts” for two Ferrari fans after giving them the middle finger at Imola, as the duo issued a social media apology video.

Verstappen bounced back from a rough start to the race weekend at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix to ensure that his 100 per cent pole position record in F1 2024 remained intact, though that did not go down well with two Ferrari fans, the Scuderia having gone into qualifying seen as genuine contenders for pole.

Max Verstappen becomes ‘legend’ for middle finger comeback

Upon returning to the pit lane, a fan above, decked out in Ferrari gear, could be seen giving Verstappen the thumbs down, which the Championship leader duly noticed, replying with the middle finger.

Two fans, Walrico and Gino, have since released a social media video claiming they were the fans in question, apologising to Verstappen and saying he “became a legend in our hearts” for his response.

“Hi Max, we just wanted to apologise for being idiots,” the pair began in their joint video published on social media.

“Sorry Max, I gave you the thumbs down, and we just want to say we’re really sorry, it’s our fault, it’s not your fault, for giving us the middle finger and we were so proud of the middle finger that you showed us [laughs]. Yes, we jumped up like little girls.

“We want to say thank you Max. After that you became a legend in our hearts and we love you for that.”

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Verstappen provided his side of the story during the post-qualifying press conference, explaining that the thumbs down had turned to applause the next time he came around, so that middle finger did its job.

“I had a funny story in qualifying where we were driving in the pits,” Verstappen began.

“A lot of people were clapping. Then one guy, he was doing some different things to me, so I gave him the finger. Then the next time I came around, he was clapping. So they learn.

“It’s easy to be not nice to drivers, but I can also be not nice to you! So, luckily he was a bit higher up. But it’s good. After that, I guess he appreciated it.”

Verstappen went on to hold off a charging Lando Norris to win the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, his third successive triumph at Imola.

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