F1 boss signals ‘important month’ over VW entry

Henry Valantine
A picture of the Volkswagen logo.

A view of the Volkswagen logo outside a car dealership in Germany.

Stefano Domenicali says an “important month” is ahead regarding a potential Volkswagen entry into Formula 1 in time for the new 2026 regulations.

It has long been known the Volkswagen Group has been involved in discussions surrounding the new power unit in Formula 1 through Audi and Porsche, which they own.

The future engines appear set to retain the 1.6-litre V6 which is in the current cars, along with expanding the power unit’s electrical output to 350kw and removing the MGU-H element, with a new cost cap reportedly set to be introduced for engine production.

With those proposed changes, the Formula 1 chief executive said he cannot predict what VW will do, but knows a crucial time is coming up.

“I think we have an important month ahead of us in terms of the Volkswagen Group’s decision,” Domenicali told Sport1.

“Joining would be great, but I can’t speak on behalf of VW. I was part of this incredible group for a few years (as CEO and president of Lamborghini from 2016-20) and I know how hard they are working on the future.”

Domenicali added that the changes being made to improve Formula 1’s environmental credentials are one of the main drivers behind VW’s interest in F1, given the push towards sustainability in the sport.

He added he hopes the proposed 2026 power units will prove to be an attractive element for any potential new suppliers or teams coming to Formula 1, not just Volkswagen.

Regarding their entry though, the former Ferrari team principal said the ball is now firmly in VW’s court.

“Our sustainable fuel, which we plan to use alongside new hybrid engines with a higher electric content, can give them a second route alongside electromobility,” he said.

“And that applies not only to the Volkswagen Group but to every car manufacturer. With regard to Volkswagen, however, I hope they will make a decision soon.


“It was great that they were involved in the development of the new engine rules. Now it’s up to them to take the final step.”

Williams boss Jost Capito, former head of Volkswagen’s World Rally Championship team, has said he would be open to seeing them enter Formula 1, and even more so as he expressed an interest in his team running their power units should they decide to join.


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