‘Include drivers’ salaries, then decide priorities’

Michelle Foster
"Magic" Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris drove like "future World Champions" says Zak Brown.

"Magic" Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris drove like "future World Champions" says Zak Brown.

Zak Brown would have liked to see drivers’ salaries include in the 2021 budget cap as that would force team to weigh up the car versus the driver.

Formula 1 will introduce a budget cap in 2021, set at $175million per year.

While the cap includes spending relating to the cars, what it doesn’t include is marketing costs, drivers’ salaries  and the pay cheques of the team’s three highest paid personnel.

Customer engine deals are also not in the mix, neither are travel costs, bonuses or the price of entering the Formula 1 World Championship.

And while McLaren CEO Brown would like to see some of those tightened up, what he really wants is the drivers’ salaries to be a part of the cost cap.

“I think drivers should have been included in the budget cap, whatever that budget cap is,” he explained to RaceFans.net.

“What that would do would be [to] force teams to make decisions on where they want to spend money.

“If you felt the driver made the biggest difference, keep paying your drivers what you’re paying them today.

“But I think it would have put pressure on the team to figure out where do you get your biggest value.

“So it wouldn’t have automatically reduced their salaries but it would have forced team teams to make more decisions on where they spend their money.”

Brown says McLaren will probably be near to the $175million in 2021 but reckons the top three will spend more especially in drivers’ wages.

“I don’t think we’ll be outspent much by the top three spenders. They’ve got some bigger driver salaries.”

He added with a laugh: “But don’t give Carlos and Lando any ideas.”

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