Sky F1 commentators reportedly suspended for sexist remarks live on air

Michelle Foster
Davide Valsecchi on Sky Sports. Monaco May 2023

Former driver turned pundit Davide Valsecchi on Sky Sports. Monaco May 2023

Sky Sports’ Italian commentators Davide Valsecchi and Matteo Bobbi have reportedly been suspended for the Canadian Grand Prix after making sexist comments on air.

Commentating at the Spanish Grand Prix together with Federica Masolin, Valsecchi and Bobbi created a public outcry when they referred to their colleague in a sexist way.

Although she tried to laugh it off with a remark about censoring them, viewers were left asking “will they be safe and sound after this gag” and would it be “appreciated above all by their wives”.

Where it wasn’t appreciated was online with viewers taking to Twitter to condemn the behaviour.

According to reports Sky Sports have taken action, suspending the two pundits for the Canadian Grand Prix.

Bobbi has since put out a statement to apologise for his actions. recommends

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“On Sunday,” he wrote on Twitter, “in the post-race I was the protagonist of a joke that came out in a completely unhappy way, although it was not my intention. I created an unpleasant moment that upset some people.

“I ended up in the gravel.

“Being anything but a disrespectful person, I sincerely apologise to those who felt offended by it.

“I reiterated my total and deep respect for all women and in particular starting with the woman I have next to be.

“For 10 years I have been commentating on F1 with Sky friends, a family now, and in 10 years I have never found myself in such an unpleasant situation.

“I’ve always thought that from mistakes you learn and start again. What happened will me to try to improve further as a man and as a professional.”

Sky Sports are yet to comment.

The Sky Sports incident came less than a week after Jack Nicholls, a BBC commentator, was sacked by Formula E for inappropriate behaviour.

Nicholls, who previously combined his Formula E work alongside F1 commentary for the BBC, had his contract terminated less than a month after an independent investigation into complaints by three women who claimed to have been touched inappropriately by him.