Jackie Stewart highlights ‘capital of motorsport’ presence behind Max Verstappen success

Sam Cooper
Sir Jackie Stewart and Christian Horner.

Since joining in 2006, Christian Horner has built a remarkable Red Bull team.

Sir Jackie Stewart has praised Christian Horner for assembling a team that has allowed Max Verstappen to flourish as a driver.

The Dutchman rightly took many plaudits after a remarkable season which saw him win 19 of 22 races, but it was not his achievement alone.

Over 1,000 employees work for Red Bull and Stewart has praised Horner’s role in assembling that squad.

Sir Jackie Stewart highlights Christian Horner role in Max Verstappen success

Horner is part of the furniture now at Red Bull having joined in 2005 and over that time, he has crafted a team of some of the finest F1 minds including the likes of Adrian Newey.

And while Verstappen played a huge part in their dominant 2023 season, he could not have done it without the men and women back at their Milton Keynes base.

“Terrific year, wonderful year,” Stewart exclusively told PlanetF1.com. “Remarkable for Red Bull. They’re run by a very good man [Horner]. Management is very important and he’s the capital of motorsport at the present time.

“Christian’s done an amazingly good job for an amazingly good driver. So it’s a combination that would be difficult to beat.”

Along with Horner, Newey has played a pivotal role in the 2023 success having designed his 12th Constructors’ championship winning car.

“Adrian Newey is one of the greatest designers that’s ever lived,” Stewart said. “It’s been managed very well and they’ve chosen well with the drivers. Verstappen has just done a great job and couldn’t have done more than he did, quite remarkable.

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“But that’s because he’s had a wonderful team. The guy hasn’t broken down too often so therefore he’s been a very lucky boy, but so have they [Red Bull], been very lucky boys to have him. So I think it’s just great, they deserve every bit of success.”

But as for if Verstappen is the best to ever do it, Stewart still puts one driver ahead of him.

“Mr. Fangio for me will never be beaten,” he said.

“He was for me, the greatest man of all time. Great dignity, great style. I had the privilege of carrying him to his last resting place but we’ll see what happens in the future.”

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