Villeneuve: Younger drivers may struggle with the break

Mark Scott
JV: Maybe they don't need to change the rules

Jacques Villeneuve thinks the extended break in Formula 1 due to the coronavirus pandemic could be a problem for some of the younger drivers.

The last Formula 1 race took place in December in Abu Dhabi and there will not be another one until at least June due to the deadly virus continue to sweep all over the globe.

That means there is plenty of downtime for the drivers for the foreseeable future and he envisages that is going to see uncertainty and doubt creep in.

If an action-packed schedule can be produced in the second half of the year, that too could bring its own problems.

“For the engineers the break can be exploited by continuing to work from home, from the drivers’ point of view the situation does not change much,” Villeneuve told Sky Sports in Italy.

“They are well organised, but it always depends on whether or not they take their salary. However, there may be some decision-making news for some: when you are alone for a long time you are led to think too much, and perhaps some may ask questions about their future.

“There will certainly be changes until the beginning of the season, then there will be no more time because you will have to race one race after another with short intermediate breaks, even in August.

“This could be a difficult factor to be managed especially for young people because they do not fully perceive the value of the job they do.”

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