Todt: Two to three races a month possible

Finley Crebolder
Jean Todt Ferrari

Jean Todt

Jean Todt believes that, once the 2020 season is ready to get underway, it’s possible that two or three races will take place per month.

With the first three months or so of the season set to be written off, many alternative ways to complete it have been put forward, from two-day race weekends to holding them behind closed doors.

Whichever solution is chosen, Jean Todt, the FIA president, believes that once things are back up and running, an 18-race season can be achieved by holding two to three events a month.

“Once we know we can start, I think we could really see two-to-three Grands Prix a month,” Todt told Autosport.

“If we start in July/August and go to December, we have six months, from five to six months, multiplied by three and it gives you one option.”

However, he is concerned about the possibility that venues will be reluctant to host races due to the sombre mood and atmosphere caused by the pandemic.

“But don’t forget we may face situations where one organiser can host the event safely but eventually feels: ‘I don’t want. I don’t feel in the mood to host the event”, he added.

“So ultimately this kind of situation may occur. An event is a celebration, and it’s what I mentioned earlier: we may be in a situation where everything is put together to do it but there is no real feeling to celebrate.”

In the same interview, Todt denied claims that he and the FIA had let Ferrari escape punishment for their engine due to a private settlement.

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