Saudi build F1’s first 5G circuit to boost fan experience

Jamie Woodhouse
Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Jeddah Corniche Circuit Turn 13. November 2021.

An aerial view of the banked Turn 13 at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit. Saudi Arabia November 2021.

In a first for Formula 1, the Jeddah Corniche Circuit will use the 5G network, which will take spectators deeper into the action than ever before.

After making its inaugural trip to Qatar, F1 now moves on to another new territory, this time Saudi Arabia for the penultimate round of the 2021 campaign.

While the Qatar Grand Prix was held at the already established Losail International Circuit, the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix track has been built from scratch, a high-speed street circuit situated in the city of Jeddah.

And with this circuit being the first to use the 5G network, the fastest wireless communications technology currently available, Martin Whitaker, director of the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, says fans will be able to immerse themselves in the Formula 1 action to a completely new level.

Jeddah Corniche Circuit during the day. Saudi Arabia November 2021.

Speaking to, he said: “In a relatively short period of time, this circuit was built and at the same time we can say it is one of the most modern, or maybe even the most modern,  circuits in the world.

“For example, we are the first F1 circuit in the world that will use the 5G network. As a result, we are able to give the fans in the stands even more action. They can use their devices and experience the race on our circuit even more intensely.

“It’s great to see how innovative people are here and how we are laying a great foundation for the races that will follow on this track.”


The Jeddah Corniche Circuit itself is not actually the finished picture, in fact it is part of an initiative called Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia’s project to diversify its economy and reduce its dependence on oil.

“It is very beautiful and impressive to see what the people here in Saudi Arabia have achieved in the past year. We worked very hard to get the circuit in order and we succeeded,” said Whitaker.

“They are working on a beautiful vision here called Vision 2030. In that project, the F1 circuit is a part, but it is only part of what they will build.

“You can see the country is capable of putting on great projects and that’s why I’m looking forward to seeing what will be realised in the coming years. It’s clear that the country is ambitious and that’s also evident when you see how international everything is here in Saudi Arabia.

“We work together in very international company and that makes this circuit project very interesting.

“The international company and the way in which the Vision 2030 project is structured gives me great satisfaction. Because of this, I can help many young people from Saudi Arabia on their way and that’s a very nice thing to do.”