Button not ruling out becoming F1 team principal

Henry Valantine
Jenson Button in the F1 paddock.

2009 World Champion Jenson Button walks through the paddock.

Jenson Button has not ruled out the possibility of becoming a Formula 1 team principal in the future, despite it looking like a “tough job” to do.

He currently serves as a senior advisor at Williams, the first team he drove for in Formula 1, mentoring the team’s Academy drivers while being a team ambassador – combining that with his Sky Sports punditry duties through the season.

The 2009 World Champion, who owns the JBXE Extreme E team, added he does not yet feel ready to take on such a role in Formula 1, with plenty more he wants to do, but would be open to the idea of running a team.

“Team principal? It looks like a tough job,” Button said on an ‘Ask Me Anything’ video with Williams. “Yes, lots of arguing with other team principals, but who knows what the future holds?

“I feel too young at the moment, there’s a lot of other stuff I’d like to do but, yeah, maybe one day.”

Button spoke on a variety of subjects in the fans’ Q&A video, and pointed out his team-mate in his World title-winning season as being the most underrated driver he worked with through his career.

“That’s a tricky one. I think Rubens [Barrichello], because Rubens’ engineering skills were extraordinary,” he explained.

“There was nobody that came close to Rubens, so for me it was great having him as a team-mate.

“Kevin Magnussen – [you can] kind of see what he can do now, right? He’s pretty quick, but he was quick from the word ‘go’. I think the mental side of the sport hurt him the most when we were team-mates.”

Button was present for Formula 1’s newest race in Miami last weekend with the sport taking itself to a brand new destination in America – and a further one being added in the form of Las Vegas from 2023.

When asked where else he would race, he joked a fourth race in the States would be appealing – but for self-serving reasons.


“I think Los Angeles,” he said. “Being selfish, because that’s where I live…

“Or London…London would be a great grand prix. I know there has been talk about it for years. One day it might happen.”

Williams are currently on three points for the season so far, with Alex Albon having taken two top-10 finishes in Australia and Miami respectively.