Jenson Button hilariously responds after McLaren forget his existence

Jamie Woodhouse
Jenson Button in the F1 paddock.

2009 World Champion Jenson Button walks through the paddock.

McLaren’s social media post to celebrate 500 Formula 1 podiums featured a notable admission, which Jenson Button soon picked up on!

After an extended stint away, McLaren now appear to be firmly back on the scene at the front of the Formula 1 grid, having scored double podium finishes in their past two outings in Japan and Qatar.

Oscar Piastri meanwhile scored the first race win of McLaren’s season and his career in Qatar by winning the sprint.

Jenson Button notices he is missing on McLaren graphic

While McLaren made history in Qatar with a new Formula 1 record pit stop of 1.80 seconds, another landmark was achieved in the form of their 500th podium finish.

And so to celebrate, the team posted a snazzy graphic on social media, commemorating their podium-achieving drivers across the years.

The only problem is, they forgot a driver who has scored 26 podiums in McLaren colours!

While the likes of Daniel Ricciardo and Kevin Magnussen, with one podium apiece as McLaren drivers, made the cut for the graphic, Button did not, despite making the podium 26 times as a McLaren driver from 2010-17.

“My 26 podiums for you guys obviously don’t count so it’s only 475!” Button replied in response to his absence from the graphic. recommends

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So, the social content needs work, but it is safe to that McLaren are firing on all cylinders when it comes to their on-track efforts.

Having now reduced the gap to Aston Martin, P4 in the Constructors’ Championship, to 11 points, it now appears inevitable that McLaren will overtake the Silverstone-based squad, while Lando Norris, on a three-race podium streak, has not ruled Ferrari out of reach either.

“It’s doable. I think so,” said Norris in the post-Qatar GP press conference. “A couple of races ago it was 70 something to Aston. Fernando [Alonso] said we’re overconfident as well!

“I think so. I think we’re just doing a good job. Not just in terms of pace, but today we had a 1.8-second pit stop, which is pretty impressive from the guys, they’ve been working extremely hard, so to reward the whole team consistently is only more motivating and a bigger boost every weekend.

“They like the taste of success. It’s the first time they’re getting it consistently and I think that only makes them want it more and more and more every weekend, that we’re doing, so the guys are doing a great job. I think we’re both doing a decent job too. So we’ll keep it up.

“We know that Mercedes are very quick, probably almost as quick as us today, just they keep making mistakes, so I’m sure if they have a clean weekend they’ll maybe make life a bit more tricky and therefore I’m not as confident saying it, but like us comparing to Ferrari, it was only three weekends ago that Ferrari were close to on pole and almost winning races.

“And nothing has really changed. It’s just a different track. We’re looking better, they’re looking a bit worse. So I think we’re definitely not overconfident. We’re confident, I think we need to be, but we know there’s still going to be some races where we’re not going to be quite as strong.”

With five rounds remaining, Mercedes are likely safe from McLaren’s grasp, the gap 107 points.

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