Paddock video footage of Christian Horner and Jos Verstappen exchange emerges

Thomas Maher
Jos Verstappen, Christian Horner, 2023 Spanish Grand Prix.

A video of Jos Verstappen and Christian Horner engaging in conversation during the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend has emerged.

Following reports Jos Verstappen and Christian Horner argued in the F1 paddock in Bahrain, a video has emerged of the pair conversing.

Just days after Red Bull GmbH concluded their investigation into Red Bull F1 team boss Christian Horner by exonerating the Englishman, Verstappen senior called for Horner to be removed from his position.

Jos Verstappen calls for Christian Horner’s removal

On Wednesday night, Red Bull GmbH released a statement exonerating Horner of any wrongdoing, following a weeks-long investigation into allegations of his behaviour as team boss.

24 hours later, an email leak containing alleged evidence from the investigation was leaked to the media and other prominent figures in the sport, with Horner releasing a statement to say he would not comment on anonymous speculation.

With Red Bull content to leave Horner in his position, the matter appeared to be calming down – until hours after the Grand Prix, which was won by Max Verstappen.

Verstappen’s father Jos confirmed there are tensions within the Red Bull camp, and made the argument that Horner should not be continuing in his role.

“There is tension here while he remains in position,” the former F1 driver told Mail Sport. “The team is in danger of being torn apart.

“It can’t go on the way it is. It will explode. He is playing the victim, when he is the one causing the problems.”

The same report also suggested Horner and Verstappen had had an argument in the paddock after qualifying, before shaking hands.

On Saturday night, following the race, witnessed an exchange between the pair inside the front doors of the Red Bull hospitality unit.

Video footage has since emerged of the interaction, with Sky Italy releasing a short 19-second clip that shows the two men engaging in an animated discussion, with Horner pointing and gesticulating numerous times to outside the building.

The pair shook hands before leaving the hospitality unit separately, with Verstappen senior heading to the paddock while Horner returned to his evening post-race duties.

With Verstappen having publicly called for Horner’s removal via the media, understands the Dutch former driver will remain a welcome guest of the team in Saudi Arabia and throughout the season.

Christian Horner: It hasn’t been pleasant

Having got through the weekend in which the team boss had to handle the public humiliation of having an email leak targeting him spread through the paddock, Horner admitted the preceding days had been less than enjoyable.

“Obviously, it’s not been pleasant, some of the unwanted attention, but the focus is now very much on the cars,” Horner told media including after the race in Bahrain.

“My focus has very much been on what’s going on on-track and the result today, I think, demonstrates where the whole team’s focus is, and we move onwards.”

Horner’s wife Geri was in attendance in Bahrain, as was Red Bull majority shareholder Chalerm Yoovidhya as the team showed a united front at the first round of the season.

When their attendance was put to him, Horner responded: “I’ve had tremendous support from within the team, and within the company.

“It was a day about going racing, about the start of the season, and about starting the season in the best possible way.

“The drivers did brilliantly, the team did brilliantly and it was the best possible start for the team, for our partners, for our shareholders, and everybody within the group.”

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