Jos Verstappen’s ‘disbelief’ as he watched Max win second F1 title from home

Sam Cooper
Max Verstappen smiling at his dad Jos Verstappen. Yas Island, December 2021.

Red Bull's Max Verstappen smiles as he looks up at his dad Jos Verstappen. Yas Island, December 2021.

Jos Verstappen says the manner of his son’s second title win came with “some disbelief” as nobody was sure if he had actually won it.

While Max Verstappen’s 2022 Championship title became an increasing certainty as the races went by, the moment he actually won it came with great confusion.

The Dutchman was not aware he had won his second consecutive title until he was informed he had done so during his post-race interview.

The confusion even spread to his father, Jos, who, unlike for Verstappen’s first title win, was not at the track and was watching at home.

He chose to skip Japan as he wanted to spend more time at home with his family and said “there was some disbelief” around the ending of the day’s events.

“Certainly in recent years and previous races, I always am there,” Verstappen explained to Viaplay.

“[But] I don’t have to be there [to celebrate], I get just as much at home – although there was some disbelief as we didn’t know exactly what was going on at the finish.”

“I was in contact with Red Bull and [Max’s manager] Raymond Vermeulen, but eventually the word came.”

The 2022 season has been a much more calm one for both Jos and Max, with the latter’s title win seemingly a foregone conclusion for a while now.

After he secured his title, Max was told by Jos he is “the best”, something his father tells him after every weekend.

“Last year there was an incredible emotion but now we knew it was going to happen, just not when,” added Jos.

“But he drove a very strong race, especially when you remember he pulled out 26 seconds in a race about 40 minutes long.

“These kind of conditions are Max’s speciality – from an early age he had something extra in the rain.

“I spoke to him and called him and I already sent him a text message. I told him he is the best – but I say that almost every weekend.”

Max also admitted to some confusion around his title win, saying it was “weird” and “funny”.

“During the race, I had no clue what they were going to decide with the points – the main target was to win the race,” he explained.

“But yeah, once I crossed the line I was like ‘okay, that was an amazing race, good points again but not World Champion yet’.

“Then I did my interview after the race and then suddenly, my mechanics started to cheer and I was like ‘what’s going on?’ And then I realised Checo [Perez] was second instead of Charles.

“But I still didn’t know if it was full points, half points or whatever, 75 per cent. I don’t know how you do it.

“But then of course, you read through the rules. And Tom [Wood, FIA Media Delegate] came to me and said I was the World Champion. So then we celebrated.”

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