Capito: Williams must be ready for new partnerships

Finley Crebolder
Lewis Hamilton follows George Russell. Belgium August 2021

Lewis Hamilton follows George Russell at Spa. Belgium August 2021

If they are to win titles again, Williams must be open to new partnerships but can’t be someone’s B-team, says Jost Capito. 

The British team has undergone huge changes in recent times, with the Williams family leaving and Dorilton taking over with Capito at the helm as team principal.

Things have already improved since, with them currently occupying P8 in the Constructors’ Championship with 23 points to their name after spending the three previous years as the worst team on the grid.

Capito has much bigger ambitions than avoiding other wooden spoon though, and thinks the way to fulfil them is to think about the long-term picture.

“We think about the next 10 years,” he told The Race.

“We are looking how does Formula 1 look like in the 30s? And then based on this, we break this down. What does it mean for the next five years? What does it mean for the next two years? And what does it mean until the end of 21?”

One way that Williams could get back to the front of the field would be to work with a brand rumoured to join the grid in the future such as Porsche or Audi, and Capito says they have to open to such a partnership.

“There are different ways and you have to see what kind of opportunities come up, and then you have to have the flexibility to move in one or the other direction,” he added.

“You can only do that if you have a proper plan. If you have a 10-year plan, you can have the flexibility short term, as long as you know where you finally want to end up.

“There are always different ways. And from time to time you have to decide which kind of way you take to achieve the overall goal. There is not one way right and the other is wrong.”


That being said, being the B-team to a manufacturer isn’t an option is his eyes as he thinks becoming World Champions in that position would be impossible.

“As a B-team, you will never be world champion,” he said.

“And if you make yourself dependent on any other company or any other team, then you will never win the world championship and you will not be credible within the team with having this message.

“With that you give up on being world champion. You just say you want to be part of the show. And that’s it.”