Karun Chandhok ponders Lewis Hamilton’s logic in stunning Ferrari move

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton has not won a Formula 1 race since being dethroned by Max Verstappen at Abu Dhabi 2021.

Sky F1 broadcaster Karun Chandhok has weighed in Lewis Hamilton’s sensational switch from Mercedes to Ferrari for 2025.

Hamilton is confirmed to be joining Ferrari for 2025, breaking away from Mercedes after more than 10 years with the Brackley-based squad.

Cutting ties with Mercedes after a single year of his new two-year deal, he will partner up with Charles Leclerc to make a formidable line-up at the Scuderia.

Karun Chandhok ponders Lewis Hamilton Ferrari switch

Given that Hamilton has had Mercedes moulded around him ever since the retirement of Nico Rosberg at the end of 2016, the move into a Ferrari team that has centred around Leclerc in recent years raises the inevitable question of why Hamilton would opt to make such a move.

There are plenty of theories swirling, and former F1 driver turned broadcaster Karun Chandhok has shared his thoughts on the subject.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter) to comment on the escalating news story, Chandhok pointed out that the switch will be the biggest move since Hamilton himself switched from McLaren to Mercedes at the end of 2012.

“I was trying to understand ‘Where’s the logic in a Ferrari move?’,” Chandhok wrote.

“Perhaps there isn’t any… Lewis has more money than he could ever spend, and hasn’t won a race in over 2 years & maybe his heart wanted a new challenge.

“To win an eighth title in a Ferrari would be an incredible legacy!”

Appearing on Sky Sports News to discuss the bombshell, Chandhok said: “Somehow, somewhere, he’s either lost confidence in the Mercedes project and doesn’t believe they can give him a chance to fight Max Verstappen, or it’s just the romantic lure of being in red.”

But, with Hamilton and Mercedes being closely aligned on social initiatives and causes, the question mark of whether or not Hamilton may have been won over by Ferrari promising to do the same was one Chandhok addressed.

“He’s very conscious of his status as a global spokesperson for various causes,” he said.

“Ferrari hasn’t really got on the bandwagon in terms of supporting initiatives in the same way Mercedes has, and maybe he does see this as a way to drag what is undoubtedly Formula 1’s biggest brand on a journey.

“I think, also, the crucial point to think about is we’ve got two years left in this rule cycle – 2025 is the final year of the current cycle.

“To me, the fact that he’s gone for ’25 indicates perhaps that he doesn’t think this year’s car is going to be great either because they’re not going to turn the car upside down for 2025.

“Because, in ’26, we got a whole new car coming. So, to me, this is a sign that Lewis is going ‘I don’t like what I’ve seen already. I think we’re going to struggle in 2024 and ’25’.

“‘I might as well go there, get my feet under the door at Ferrari in 2025 and hit the ground running for ’26 with a brand new set of regulations coming.”

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Chandhok also pointed out two key questions about the move, asking: “Why has Lewis lost confidence in Mercedes after saying he wanted to spend the rest of his life in silver like Stirling Moss?” and “What was the exit clause that allowed him to go just 5 months after announcing the new deal?”

Sky F1 commentator David Croft labelled the move as “seismic” and said he sees no downsides for Hamilton in making the change.

“Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari!” he said.

“Always thought it would happen one day, finally it will and it seems as early as 2025.

“Seismic move just as it was when Lewis joined Mercedes and like then I don’t see the negatives. But wow, undoubtedly the biggest transfer on transfer deadline day!”

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