‘Don’t hate the player’ – Kevin Magnussen fears rival driver triggering his one-race ban

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Kevin Magnussen serious

Kevin Magnussen is two points away from a race ban

Sitting on 10 penalty points, Kevin Magnussen will line up in Monaco two points away from a race ban and worried that a rival’s actions could see him sidelined for a Grand Prix.

Kevin Magnussen has 10 penalty points on his Super Licence having earned five alone at the Miami Grand Prix where he was heavily penalised for leaving the track and gaining advantage.

Kevin Magnussen: Don’t hate the player, you know?

While that usually only comes with a 10-second time penalty, his repeated antics as he battled to keep Lewis Hamilton behind him to help his team-mate Nico Hulkenberg score points saw the stewards throw the book at him.

He earned three points in the Sprint race, followed by another two in the Grand Prix for his collision with Logan Sargeant and within the space of two days he was knocking on the door of an automatic race ban.

F1 regulations state that any driver who earns 12 points in a 12-month rolling period will be banned for one race.

That Magnussen won’t lose any of his 10 points until 9 March 2025 means he’s hurtling towards a ban.

Defiantly he says it won’t change how his races.

“I didn’t think about it,” he told Autosport. “I have to still keep pushing otherwise I spend the next 20 races cruising around. I’m not gonna do that. It doesn’t make sense either.

“It’s hard to say that I regret anything that I did,” he added.

“I don’t love playing this game, but also at the same time, I do always try and stay within the rules. Even though I’ve been trying to fight really hard with some guys and I’ve gone over the limit and I’ve got a penalty. Then I accept the penalty.

“There’s been a question of whether the rules are correct for this, which I can definitely sympathise with that and I’ve given my ideas of how they can be better.

“I do see there is an issue with the rules, but I didn’t make the rules. Don’t hate the player, you know? It’s just the way it is.”

Kevin Magnussen is just two points away from a one-race ban

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Kevin Magnussen: I still don’t like the way the rules are

Of Magnussen’s 10 points, seven were handed to him for causing collisions with Alex Albon, Yuki Tsunoda and then Sargeant in Miami.

The Haas driver fears the next accident, even if it’s with a bit help from the person he’s attacking, could be what keeps him at home for a weekend.

“They’ve put this stuff in the rules that means if you allow the driver on the outside to just turn into you in the steps before, leading into that, are in a certain way, then he can just turn in (smacks hands together) and you’ll get a penalty – the guy on the inside,” he said.

“Where is the common sense? Where is the instinct? Why do we need all these rules? Just let us race and let us use our instincts – we all wanna finish the race, we all wanna be sensible.”

But, he added: “In some of the conversations with the FIA, I also understand them better. I still don’t like the way the rules are. But this is also something [where] they’re trying to do their best.

“I think in this process I’ve also learned something. So, I do think with some of it, they’ve taken a different stance, they’ve explained a few things, which means I could probably avoid this better than I could before.

“But I could still end up in a situation where if I do something by accident then [I’ll get the ban].”

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