Massive Kevin Magnussen crash causes red flag at Mexican Grand Prix

Sam Cooper
Kevin Magnussen's wrecked car at the Mexican Grand Prix

Kevin Magnussen: Huge crash in Mexico

Kevin Magnussen suffered a major crash during the Mexican Grand Prix after his car broke going into the corner.

As the Dane exited Turn 9, a suspected rear suspension caused him to drive straight into the barrier.

Despite being a relatively slow-speed impact, it was still enough for Magnussen’s car to disintegrate from the hit.

In particular it was the rear end that took the brunt of the impact and fire soon emerged from where the rear wing used to be. Magnussen was however able to jump out of the car and appeared to be okay following the crash.

Haas said in a statement: ‘He’s at the medical centre and after a check-over is ok, but is being kept a little while longer just for observations.’

Initially race control sent out the safety car but with the TECPRO barrier having taken a hit, a red flag was instead waved to give the track staff the time to make the necessary repairs.

That late call meant bad news for Lando Norris who had pitted from P8 with the belief that no red flag would be coming. Max Verstappen did similar but retained his P1 spot so was less impacted.

But in a brief media appearance after the crash, Magnussen confirmed the cause of the crash and that he is mostly unscathed from the incident.

“The rear left suspension broke in Turn 9 unfortunately in a bad place, so I hit the wall,” he said.

“I just got a knock on my hands, I hurt it a little bit but they’re fine.”

After a short delay as repairs to the wall were completed, a standing restart saw a Max Verstappen v Charles Leclerc v Lewis Hamilton dash down towards Turn 1.

Verstappen absolutely nailed his restart, keeping both Leclerc and Hamilton at bay as he looked to restore his once mighty lead with just under half-race distance remaining in Mexico City.

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