Kevin Magnussen’s ‘brain cells’ questioned with Haas told to bring ‘boxing gloves’

Oliver Harden
Kevin Magnussen walks with his head lowered at the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix

Will Kevin Magnussen still be on the grid in 2025?

Dutch racer Tom Coronel has urged Haas team principal Ayao Komatsu to give Kevin Magnussen “a few punches on the head” after his “really stupid action” at the start of the Monaco Grand Prix.

Magnussen was involved in a huge first-corner accident in Monte Carlo, where he tangled with Red Bull driver Sergio Perez and Haas team-mate Nico Hulkenberg on the run up to Beau Rivage.

Haas boss urged to ‘step in’ on Kevin Magnussen

Despite replays strongly indicating that Magnussen was to blame, having refused to pull out of a potential move on Perez as the track narrowed, the accident was adjudged to be a racing incident.

It was the latest in a series of incidents for Magnussen, who sits just two penalty points away from a one-race ban.

Appearing on the RN365 podcast, Coronel was stunned that the stewards took no action on Magnussen – and has called for Haas boss Komatsu to dish out his own punishment.

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He said: “Magnussen is taking too much risk, that is one hundred per cent a fact.

“After all, it is very simple: that pendulum that follows goes up and then you are on the outside on the dirt. That action had no chance of succeeding anyway.

“But as a driver you do have just a bit more freedom on that first lap, at least to put your car in between something. Perez also had a terrible exit from that first corner, but Magnussen should have unloaded just as well.

“That swing uphill is not suitable for two men driving side by side, so that action was just not thought through.

“I can imagine that action not being penalised, but if I were the Haas team boss, I would still put on my boxing gloves and give him a few punches on the head.

“Because which brain cell did he use the moment he took that action?”

Speaking to Sky F1 in the aftermath, Magnussen claimed he was “squeezed to the wall” by Perez to trigger the incident.

Coronel, however, has described the clash as “typical Magnussen” with the 31-year-old guilty of “wanting too much” after a good start.

He added: “He really only says that because he knows it was a really stupid action from him.

“As Haas team boss, you really need to step in now, grab him by the head and use those boxing gloves: ‘Just wake up, pal! What the hell are you doing there?’

“It’s typical Magnussen again.

“My first reaction was also just: why, why?

“He had a really good start, but then wants too much again But it was really about nothing. It’s not about points, because it really happened at the very back of the field.

“It really didn’t make any sense at all!”

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