Magnussen won’t rule out Renault/McLaren return

Date published: April 20 2020 - Michelle Foster


Kevin Magnussen won’t rule out returning to either McLaren or Renault, revealing bridges weren’t “burnt” when he parted ways with the teams.

The Dane is contracted to Haas for the 2020 season but is a free agent come 2021.

Determined to be in a position to one day win the World title, Magnussen says he is open to returning to either of his past teams.

“The history with those two teams doesn’t scare me,” he told Danish newspaper, BT. “I am completely open to all possibilities.”

“Although I had some tough times with Renault and McLaren, I have great respect for both teams.”

There were highs with both teams, though.

While McLaren gave Magnussen his F1 break in 2014, Renault handed him a lifeline when McLaren dropped him to a test driver role the very next year.

Renault signed the Dane for the 2016 season before he moved onto Haas.

“I was put on the bench at McLaren and it was really tough, but it’s the team that gave me the chance in Formula One, and I’m still very grateful for that,” he explained.

“Renault was the one that gave me another chance when I was actually smoked out of Formula One, so I can’t thank them enough.

“What else happened – that is what it is.

“For my part, neither McLaren nor Renault have burnt bridges, nor do I believe they think so. In any case the leadership has changed in both teams.”

One of those leadership changes was former Renault team boss Frederic Vasseur moving to Alfa Romeo.

Magnussen concedes he did not have the best of relationships with the Frenchman but says that is also in the past.

He added: “Fred Vasseur, who was the boss when I drove at Renault and part of the whole slightly tense environment, is today, for example, the boss at Alfa Romeo.

“Fred and I had our controversy then, but today it is high fives every time we meet.

“Fortunately, all the good stuff overshadows the controversy that was there too.”

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