Max Verstappen v Lewis Hamilton: The key difference in driving mindset revealed

Sam Cooper
Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton

The confidence difference between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton has been noted by Liam Lawson.

Liam Lawson believes Max Verstappen has reached a confidence level in his car that is rarely achieved by a Formula 1 driver.

If Verstappen was comfortable with the RB19, he has quickly shown similar with the RB20 having won both races so far and having twice taken pole.

Max Verstappen confidence levels noted by team-mate

Not only is the speed of the car impressive but also the speed in which Verstappen gets comfortable with it, often producing a quick lap at his first time of trying.

That, Lawson believes, is a rare quality for a Formula 1 driver.

“The main thing I’d say is the confidence level,” the Kiwi told Sky Sports. “Max’s confidence level with that car, it’s got to be higher than anybody’s.

“If you look at Lewis [Hamilton] for example. He’s obviously not 100% happy and hasn’t been with that car.

“You can imagine that every time he approaches the start of a qualifying lap or any lap really, he’s not going to be 100% confident with what he’s got underneath him and know exactly what it’s going to do.

“Whereas with where Max is at right now with the Red Bull, the car is in such a good window and he’s so comfortable with it.”

As for how he could tell Verstappen was hooked up to the car, Lawson said his runs in the tight and twisty Saudi Arabian circuit showed him what he needed to know. recommends

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“When you look at his qualifying lap from Jeddah, he doesn’t miss an apex and he gets so close to the wall,” the Red Bull reserve driver said. “In places, [such as] Turn 4, I’m pretty sure he touched it on the inside which is extremely, extremely difficult to do. To be that precise.

“But it’s not just Turn 4, it’s Turn 10, it’s Turn 22 as well, it’s everywhere basically. He’s so precise with it and it’s because he’s so confident with the car. It’s those things that really make up that time as well.”

Lawson meanwhile is still on the sidelines but said there is no team and no driver he would rather study up close.

“Obviously it’s a great opportunity,” the 22-year-old said. “If I could choose any team to be with, I would definitely prefer this one because I have basically direct access to all of the information and how he does it.”

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