Kubica: Comeback tough, staying will be harder

Robert Kubica: 2019 comeback

Robert Kubica: 2019 comeback

Robert Kubica is under no illusions that his return to the Formula 1 grid will be an easy ride, acknowledging that it will in fact be a “great challenge”.
This season Kubica is back in Formula 1, eight years after his career seemed to be over.

The Pole suffered life-changing injuries when he crashed into a guardrail at the Ronde di Andora rally, partially severing his right arm.

It has been a long road to recovery, not only physically but career wise too.

In 2017 he put in his first laps in a Formula 1 car since the crash before going on to secure a test driver role with Williams for 2018.

This year, he’s back on the grid with the Grove team.

“Formula 1 has changed a lot and I think this is going to be a great challenge,” Motorsport Week quotes Kubica as having said during a recent sponsor event.

“It’s not only about the results, it is also about my cooperation with the team.

“Everything is changing very dynamically and those eight years of break from the sport, from Formula 1, does not help [me].

“On the other hand I have plenty of experience. I used to be a top driver, so I feel calm and the simple fact that I have confidence in myself.

“Also I was able to give myself time, the necessary time, to develop myself, to rearrange things and never ever in my life would I be able to say yes if I wouldn’t have the feeling that I can do it.

“And yes I can do it now.

“These eight years have not been easy. I’m not going to get into the details of that moment. I simply say that everyone is happy. Me first, I’m happy that I’m coming back to this discipline.”

But while Kubica has been given an opportunity by Williams to prove that he still has what it takes, the 34-year-old concedes staying in F1 could be the hardest part of the task.

“[My goal is] not only to enter F1 [again], but to remain there,” he told F1i.com.

“This is the most difficult task.

“There were many excellent drivers who left F1 after just one season.”

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