Kubica: Distraction caused Russell overtake

Date published: May 12 2019 - Jamie Woodhouse

Robert Kubica says Williams distracted him with steering wheel alterations when George Russell overtook him at the Spanish GP.

Robert Kubica said that Williams’ instructions for him to alter his steering wheel allowed George Russell to overtake at the Spanish GP.

The British youngster finished ahead of his team-mate once again, but Kubica argues that the team distracted him when ahead of Russell, leaving him with too little time to defend.

“I started quite well, but I was squeezed between the two Racing Point’s, so I had to lift off in the straight and I lost quite a lot of ground,” he told reporters.

“I lost a position to George [Russell] which I regained in turn 4.

“The first stint wasn’t looking too bad, when he [Russell] overtook me, I got the call to change a few things on the steering wheel when I wasn’t expecting him to be so close, so I wasn’t ready to defend.

“By the time I saw in the mirrors that he was catching up it was too late.

“We changed the strategy during the race, I think it was good that the safety car came out because it split our second stint, otherwise it would have been very difficult for us to manage our tyres until the end.”

Russell enjoyed the battle with his team-mate, but was more upset that his overtake didn’t get any TV time.

“Robert got the better of me at the start,” he stated.

“I made a nice little overtake on him, which I later found out was not shown at all on TV, but that’s how it is at the moment, hopefully there will be a replay later.

“It’s been an intriguing weekend for us, we brought some test items and got some decent information from it, so another learning weekend.”

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