Kubica doesn’t regret F1 comeback

Jamie Woodhouse
Robert Kubica doesn't "regret" returning to F1.

Robert Kubica doesn't "regret" returning to F1.

Things may not have gone the way Robert Kubica had hoped for, but he doesn’t “regret” his Formula 1 return in 2019.

The Polish driver completed his miracle comeback from the devastating rally injuries he suffered in 2011 by signing for Williams for 2019 – but not only was the FW42 well off the pace, but Kubica was also outclassed by rookie team-mate George Russell.

That being said Kubica doesn’t regret making his comeback because it was his choice, making it clear that “nobody had put a gun to me when I was deciding”.

“I would not regret [it], first of all, because nobody had put a gun to me when I was deciding,” he said when asked by FormulaRapida.net if he had any regrets about return.

“I had spent the last year with the team and I knew that it would not be easy.

“Of course we did chase some more issues than last year, especially in the beginning of the year, which were very unfortunate. And I think we kept paying a bill for a long time. Longer than people think.

“My goal when I stopped driving was to come back in the highest motorsport category on track, [in] which I would be able to race. And from human being point of view, a personal point of view, this has been a great achievement.

“Of course, as a race driver, this season has been very tough. But first the decision was made by passion, by trying to achieve a goal and a mission which I have.

“Of course the outcome is not as everybody was hoping, not only myself, but everyone. But that’s life, that’s motorsport, that’s Formula 1. And this is why F1 is so exciting and then so difficult.”

Williams again propped up the Constructors’ Championship in 2019 with just one point to their name, scored by Kubica in Germany, and he hopes that his now former employer can turn their situation around.

“I hope for Williams, although I will not be here, that they will get better times and they will be able to race again,” he said.

“Especially for the guys who have been working with me for this season.

“They have been always pushing and in difficult situations. It’s very easy to lose motivation but they didn’t and they really deserve an easier life. An easier life means a faster can. When you have a faster car, for everyone it’s easier.”

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