Kubica expects no gains from Williams FW42

Robert Kubica: Downbeat on Williams chances

Robert Kubica: Downbeat on Williams chances

Robert Kubica painted another bleak picture about Williams’ chances of improvement at the Chinese Grand Prix.

Williams are rock bottom of the standings and are firmly expected to stay there all season long given how cut adrift they have been from the midfield pack in the first two races of the season.

And, although the Shanghai track has different characteristics to that of Australia and Bahrain, Kubica is expecting the same old result.

“The first three tracks are very different from each other,” Kubica told RaceFans.net.

“Australia because it’s not a permanent track, Bahrain because of the rear limitations and stress in to the rear tyres.

“Here is a bit I would have to say probably more like Australia.

“But on the other hand you have very long straight line which is more complicated on the downforce side and drag position, and temperatures.

“Definitely looks like it will be cold so it’s something which we have to see how our car will cope.

“But I will be surprised if we can expect something massively different.

“Hopefully it will be something different but if it will be better it will only be because of the conditions and track not because of other stuff.

“Let’s wait and see but again the target and the goal will be always the same, to try to do the best from what you have.”

Meanwhile, team-mate George Russell will at least look the part in China after revealing a snazzy, Juan Pablo Montoya-inspired helmet to mark the 1000th race anniversary.

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