Ladies and gents, here it is: Cyril Abiteboul’s tattoo…

Michelle Foster
Cyril Abiteboul tattoo

A picture of Cyril Abiteboul calf tattoo

After almost a year of waiting, Cyril Abiteboul finally has his Daniel Ricciardo Eifel Grand Prix inspired tattoo.

Last season Ricciardo and his then-Renault team boss Abiteboul revealed that the Aussie had made a bet with the Frenchman, one that would see the latter get a tattoo if Ricciardo reached the podium.

He did at the Eifel Grand Prix, P3 on the day, and then followed that up with another at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

But with Abiteboul leaving Renault and Formula 1 at the end of the season, it remained to be seen if the 44-year-old would still fulfil the bet.

He did that earlier this week.

“We are finally getting it done,” Ricciardo said he made his way to a tattoo parlour where his former team boss was waiting inside.

Telling the Frenchman that getting a tattoo feels “like a deep scratch”, or like “sharp nails if you scratch”, Ricciardo added “no pain, no gain”.

Abiteboul conceded that as a “manager of a team and you bet against yourself”, this was the price to be paid.

“I remember the tattoo conversation came because Daniel was getting a new tattoo and we had the discussion about the thinking process and did he lose a bet and the thinking came about,” he revealed.

“We had the discussion, and he said I think you should get a tattoo and…”

Perhaps one of the funniest lines in the YouTube video that Ricciardo put out was, on the phone with his wife explaining that he’s about to get a tattoo, Abiteboul admitted: “To negotiate a driver’s contract is easier.”

And then came the tattoo…

“A dick?” asked Abiteboul as he was shown the picture with Ricciardo responding with a “where” do you see that.

It was not, it was however a Honey Badger.

After debating the size, the location and the “F1 engineering” of it all, Abiteboul agreed on a calf tattoo.

With a few twinges and a comment about having his “leg cut in half”, it was done.

His first words: “Guilty of doing that to be my body, to be my parents, and happy, and happy.”

Guilty or not, it looks great!

As for the other important stuff from the former Renault man…

Ricciardo asked if he missed F1, he replied: “I miss Formula 1 and the people that are associated with F1. And the track is one part I miss.”

And does he still watch it? “I follow every single session lap time wise, but not really the footage. Some times. I watched the last one.”