Stroll rues Bahrain crash as ‘disaster’ continues

Michelle Foster
Lance Stroll Bahrain damage

Lance Stroll Bahrain damage

Flipped over by Daniil Kvyat in Bahrain, Lance Stroll says he couldn’t see the AlphaTauri driver, and then he “got hit”.

Lining up P11 as the grid reform for the restart following Romain Grosjean’s terrifying crash, Stroll made a slow getaway and fell into the clutches of those behind.

One of those was Kvyat.

The Russian driver tried to make a move up the inside of Stroll as the Racing Point driver turned in for the corner.

Kvyat hit the RP20, flipping it over.

“I’m hanging upside down,” Stroll told Racing Point. “Are you OK?” “I’m OK.”

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“I didn’t see anything,” Stroll said. “I couldn’t see him at all.

“I was halfway through the corner when I got hit. It’s just a shame.”

The DNF means Stroll has scored just one since his podium at the Italian Grand Prix in early September.

The Canadian was ninth at the Turkish Grand Prix, a race in which he started from pole position but lost pace due to wing damage.

Stroll continued: “You know, we’ve scored two points since Monza, and there was a time where we were, you know, fourth in the World Championship and things were looking really good.

“Since then, it’s just been a disaster. So, I don’t know what else to add.

“We just have to focus on the next one and try and put an end to this run of bad luck and move forward from this.”

Daniil Kvyat

As for Kvyat, he was hit with a 10-second penalty for causing the collision and finished P11 .

It’s a penalty he doesn’t agree with.

“I don’t share the stewards view on that,” he said. “I think I had nowhere to go.

“I already put my whole car on the inside kerb. He, on the other hand, knew I was there but he turned in as if I wasn’t there. So I’m a bit upset with this decision.

“It kind of ruined my race because I had a great second start, I was again back in the game, but this penalty just ruined everything.

“I don’t know yet where it would have put me and how my race would look but it’s a shame – P11 is the worst position ever. I’m super frustrated.”

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