Lance Stroll’s cryptic ‘not necessarily no’ response when quizzed on F1 future

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Lance Stroll pulls a face

Lance Stroll wasn't happy with Aston Martin's decisions in Japan

Fernando Alonso may have signed a new multi-year deal with Aston Martin but that does “not necessarily” mean Lance Stroll is of the same mind.

That’s according to the Canadian himself, with Stroll saying he hasn’t “given that much thought” to his future.

Lance Stroll: New Fernando Alonso deal is ‘positive news’

Last week Alonso surprised the paddock when, just days after saying he had nothing new to report about his future, he and Aston Martin announced a contract extension.

It’s one that will see the double World Champion still racing when he’s 45, but that’s not to say that will be when he hangs up his helmet.

Stroll says his team-mate’s new deal is “positive” for Aston Martin.

“It’s very good news for the team,” he told the media in Shanghai. “He’s motivated and I think it’s gelled really well, Fernando and Aston Martin. So yeah it’s positive news.

Questioned about his team-mate’s ‘100% dedication’ and ‘will’, Stroll said Alonso is “super motivated and passionate” which is “great to see.”

Pressed as to what makes his team-mate ‘keep going’, the Canadian said: “I’ve already said it, he’s passionate and loves racing what any sports person will continue doing what they do.” recommends

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Lance Stroll hasn’t ‘given that much thought’ to 2025

But while Alonso is committed to Aston Martin for a few more seasons, that doesn’t mean Stroll will definitely stick around.

Arguably the most secure driver on the grid given his father owns the team, the Canadian’s motivation and drive have been called into question in recent times as Alonso continues to dominate him on the track.

Asked if he could imagine racing at ’45’, he replied: “20 years from now? One day at a time.”

Drawn on his team-mate signing up and whether he was of the ‘same mind’, Stroll replied: “Not necessarily no, he’s doing his thing.

“And like I said, I’m just kind of focused on China right now. I haven’t given that much thought.”

Stroll, though, is probably the one driver on the grid – even more so than Max Verstappen – who doesn’t need to give much thought to his future.

Racing at a team owned by his father Lawrence, Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack made it crystal clear that the team is built “around” Stroll and for him to achieve his goals in Formula 1.

“Last week, it was mainly about Fernando,” Krack said in Shanghai, “but we also know that Aston Martin is Lance’s home.

“We know that and the whole project has always been around him.

“So we look for continuity. I’ve always that that is very important. So we will see in the next weeks.”

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