Will Lance Stroll remain in F1 next season? The answer is an emphatic one

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Lance Stroll wearing a Boss top

Lance Stroll was quizzed on his F1 future

Although Lance Stroll stopped short of saying he would definitely be an Aston Martin driver next season, he is “definitely committed” to the project and “excited” to be a part of it.

Teaming up with double World Champion Fernando Alonso last season, Aston Martin recorded their best-ever season in Formula 1. However, every one of their eight podium finishes was courtesy of Alonso.

Lance Stroll: That’s where my head’s at

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The Spaniard destroyed Lance Stroll in every stat that matters, most notably in the Drivers’ standings where he scored 206 points to the Canadian’s 74.

As the pressure and the criticism mounted, Stroll not only shoved his trainer at the Qatar Grand Prix but his responses to the media were borderline curt.

2024 looks to be following a similar pattern, although with fewer points and less shoving in the mix, with Alonso scoring 33 points to Stroll’s 11.

But even though team principal Mike Krack has made it crystal clear that the “whole project” is built “around” Stroll, questions are still being asked about the Canadian and whether or not he actually wants to continue in Formula 1.

Answering the long way around, he told the media including PlanetF1.com: “It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come as a team for the last five years. I’ve grown so much as a team since we were in pink colours.

“We have a very exciting wind tunnel that’s being built, we have an incredible facility that’s now in Silverstone that we moved into last year, so there’s a lot of pieces of this puzzle that are really coming together.

“Along with the talented people that have been in service for many years, a lot of new talented people have joined and are joining, which makes this project very exciting.

“So, in my mind, you know, definitely here for the future. That’s where my head’s at.”

Pressed on his commitment, he replied: “For sure, I’m committed to this whole project.

“Like I said, how we’ve gone from a team that had 350, 400 people in 2019 and now we’re pushing the number to 1000 people. It looks very different at Silverstone now to 18 months ago.

“So yes, I’m definitely committed and excited to be a part of this project.”

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It has often been said that Stroll is the most secure driver on the grid, perhaps even more so than Max Verstappen, given his father Lawrence owns the Aston Martin team.

Asked if in ‘your position you still have to perform’, he responded: “I’m the most competitive person I know. I’m someone that I like to see myself do super well and perform super well.

“And it feels good even if times are tough. Last weekend to just pick up a couple of points was nice, I still enjoy that.

“I’m the first person that’s hard on myself on a day when things don’t go well, and I’m still as excited and happy as ever when I have a great day since the last seven, eight years that I’ve been in Formula One.

“So that feeling is still driving me to keep pushing, to keep going. And yes, I hate having bad days, just like I’m sure everyone does in this paddock.

“It’s a team effort. It’s fun to be a part of this journey and this project and see all these elements at Silverstone coming together.

“Last year we started the season really strong and that was like a very big step forward for us. We had a bit of a dip. And this year has been a little bit more challenging but I still see a lot of positivity and excitement, which makes me positive and excited.”

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