Two drivers hit with penalty points over Chinese GP collisions

Thomas Maher
Lance Stroll, Aston Martin, 2024 Chinese Grand Prix.

Lance Stroll was one of the drivers given penalty points and a time penalty for a collision in Shanghai.

Lance Stroll and Kevin Magnussen have each been given penalty points for their separate collisions during the Chinese Grand Prix.

Stroll and Magnussen were both found to be at fault for two separate collisions while racing in the Chinese Grand Prix.

Lance Stroll given two penalty points for Daniel Ricciardo collision

The Aston Martin driver was preparing to restart after the Safety Car intervention when he appeared to be caught out by a number of cars in front of him braking into the hairpin.

With Fernando Alonso running slightly deep into the corner, the cars behind were slowed slightly more than perhaps expected – leading to Oscar Piastri and Daniel Ricciardo slowing almost to a stop.

Stroll’s acceleration into the hairpin to heat his tyres and brakes coincided with the pace dropping, leading the Canadian to run straight into the back of Ricciardo – the Australian driver being launched into the air and tapping the back of Piastri’s McLaren.

Ricciardo was forced to retire due to damage to his diffuser, while Piastri managed to get to the chequered flag with his damaged McLaren.

Stroll, who got on the radio to brand Ricciardo an “idiot” for the braking, came home classified in 16th after being given a 10-second time penalty that he served in the pits.

“The Stewards reviewed positioning/marshalling system data, video, timing and in-car video evidence and determined that Car 18 [Stroll] collided with Car 3 [Ricciardo] at Turn 14.

“The cars were all travelling slowly to set up for the restart of the race towards the end of a Safety Car period. The car in front of Car 18 slowed down to take the corner and also to try to match the pace of the group of cars in front of it. Car 18 then collided with Car 3.

“We determined that Car 18 ought to have anticipated the pace of the cars in front, particularly Car 3 and should have prepared to brake accordingly. Had it done that, it would have avoided the collision. Hence Car 18 was predominantly to blame for the collision that ultimately led to Car 3 having to retire from the race.”

Along with the 10-second time penalty, Stroll was given two penalty points on his licence – taking him to a total of five for the current 12-month period. recommends

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Kevin Magnussen hit with penalty for Yuki Tsunoda clash

Only a few moments later, after the restart, Kevin Magnussen attempted to overtake Yuki Tsunoda’s RB into Turn 6 and, while he got alongside the Japanese driver, a snap of oversteer resulted in him clashing with the right-rear wheel of Tsunoda.

The RB was spun around and, with damage to the right rear, was eliminated on the spot.

Magnussen continued on and finished in 15th after also being given a 10-second time penalty.

“The Stewards reviewed positioning/marshalling system data, video, timing, telemetry, team radio and in-car video evidence and determined that Car 20 [Magnussen] collided with Car 22 [Tsunoda] at Turn 6,” said the stewards.

“Car 20 dived into the corner, braked late and collided with Car 22 at the exit of the corner. Car 22 retired after the collision. We found that Car 20 was predominantly to blame for the collision.”

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