Lance Stroll hits out at key Aston Martin decision after ‘weekend that sucks’ at Suzuka

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Lance Stroll pulls a face

Lance Stroll wasn't happy with Aston Martin's decisions in Japan

Lance Stroll says he had the “wrong rear wing” on his Aston Martin AMR24 leading to his “like a different category” complaint as he suffered with a lack of straight-line speed in the Japanese Grand Prix.

The Canadian was involved in a fierce midfield battle for the minor points at the Suzuka circuit, pulling off no fewer than five overtakes as he tried to work his way into the top ten.

Lance Stroll: One of those weekends to forget about

None of those took place on the straights with the driver complaining about his AMR24’s lack of straight-line speed.

Telling his team over the radio that it is “unbelievable how our speed is on the straight”, a distraught Stroll added: “It’s like a different category.”

Having worked his way up into 11th where he was behind Tsunoda in the fight for the final points-paying position, Stroll told the team: “I can’t pass Tsunoda. It’s not possible!”

Stroll ultimately finished in 12th place, a lap down on race winner Max Verstappen.

“It was really tough with straight-line speed,” he said. “I think we just had the wrong rear wing on the car.

“I had to do all my overtaking at Turn 6, I couldn’t pass anyone on the straights just with the lack of straight line speeds. Some things will strategy I think we could have done differently today.

“So just a difficult weekend overall. One of those weekends to forget about.”

He added: “It was very bad the straight-line speed in the car so some stuff to look into.”

He revealed he had a “different wing, different set-up” to his team-mate Fernando Alonso who finished P6. recommends

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Lance Stroll criticises ‘very sub optimal strategy’

Stroll revealed Aston Martin did consider a third pit stop in a “desperate” attempt to score a point but losing a position to Nico Hulkenberg, it was declared null and void.

“It was just a desperate kind of decision to try to get a point,” he said, “because we did a very sub optimal two-stop and then I was behind Tsunoda in 11th on the same tyre and around here it’s already hard to overtake, and with our lack of straight-line speed too it just didn’t feel possible.

“So hoping to stop for a soft and try to get him back at the end but the tyre just died and we ended up losing another position.”

He added: “I think I did my longest stint of the whole race on the soft tyre, so very sub optimal strategy.”

Such was Stroll’s annoyance at his lack of straight-line speed, the driver even panned his Turn 6 overtakes.

“I didn’t really enjoy it, it’s more fun to do it on a straight line with speed,” he said. “But no I’m kidding, it was cool.

“It made for some fun racing but ultimately just kind of sucks. The whole weekend was just, you know, really rough and hard to get anything out of it.”

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