Adrian Newey receives strong case to reject Ferrari after ‘secret’ Aston Martin visit claim

Jamie Woodhouse
Adrian Newey alongside the badges of Ferrari and Aston Martin.

Could Aston Martin scupper Ferrari's Adrian Newey plans?

Aston Martin has muscled their way into the running to sign departing Red Bull F1 design guru Adrian Newey, as Lance Stroll moved to sell the project on offer.

With a total of 25 titles claimed in Newey-designed Formula 1 cars, the 65-year-old has established himself as one of the greatest designers the series has ever seen and come next year, his services will be up for grabs.

Lance Stroll makes strong case for Adrian Newey to pick Aston Martin

Additional reporting by Sam Cooper

Newey’s impending Red Bull exit is confirmed and he will be a free agent after the first quarter of 2025. Media speculation has strongly linked him with a move to Ferrari, who have attempted to secure his signature multiple times in the past, but understands Aston Martin have become a leading contender for his signature.

Furthermore, reports emerged claiming Newey had made a ‘secret factory visit’ at Aston Martin.

And Stroll, who has raced with the team since it morphed into Aston Martin in 2021, spoke of the “very exciting project” which Newey would be involved in if he were to return to Formula 1 with Aston Martin.

“Well, it’s a super exciting factory. We have a young team, but a very exciting project. You know, wind tunnel, everything that you already know. That’s very exciting about our team,” Stroll told reporters ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix.

“I think everyone in this paddock wants to meet Adrian Newey.

“I hear a lot of things, mainly from you guys. I mean, last week I heard he was going to Ferrari and now he’s coming to us. Next week he’s going to be going to Williams! So I listen to you guys.

“But I mean, he’s a legend in the sport. He has more championships than anyone in this paddock, drivers, engineers, anyone. Everyone loves Adrian and wants Adrian.”

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An Aston Martin spokesperson – following a request for clarification on this apparent Newey visit to the team’s base and whether he could join down the line – said: “The Aston Martin Aramco F1 team is a very appealing project with Lawrence Stroll’s vision, a state-of-the-art new Technology Campus and exciting partnerships with Aramco and Honda.

“Many high-profile individuals across all areas of the team are linked to the project but we don’t have anything to announce.”

Stroll’s team-mate Fernando Alonso also was quizzed on the Newey speculation, but when speaking to media including, he refrained from engaging with these “rumours”.

“There are many questions on that,” he said.

“Yeah, I read the rumours, read the news. But is this coming from the same source and the same websites of one week ago, he was in Ferrari and the announcement [was] at 12 o’clock before the Canada race? So, rumours are rumours.”

And while Stroll has put forward his case for why Aston Martin would be a “very exciting project” for Newey, Alonso stuck to his tight-lipped approach in this regard.

Asked what he would say to Newey in a bid to convince him to join Aston Martin, Alonso replied: “That keeps between him and me.”

Having scored a best result so far this season of P5, Alonso played down the prospects of challenging for victory at his home race this weekend, though hopes that his fellow Spaniard, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz, winner of this year’s Australian Grand Prix, can be in a position to deliver a win for the home crowd.

“I hope Carlos has a chance for the win,” he said.

“I think If we go back two races ago in Monaco, Ferrari was, you know, the quickest there. It’s very different than Monaco, but, you know, it could be a possibility. So, yeah, I wish to see him on the podium at least and hopefully a win.”

Alonso sits P9 in the current Drivers’ Championship standings with 41 points on the board.

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