Lance Stroll out of the Singapore Grand Prix in joint decision with Aston Martin

Michelle Foster
Lance Stroll's destroyed Aston Martin after his qualifying crash.

Lance Stroll will sit out the Singapore GP in joint decision with Aston Martin

Lance Stroll will not line up on the Singapore Grand Prix grid having taken the decision “together” with Aston Martin to sit out the race.

Stroll suffered a massive crash in Saturday’s qualifying at the Marina Bay circuit when the Canadian clipped the kerbs through the final corner and lost the rear of his AMR23.

He speared into the outside wall at speed, his car almost airborne, before spinning back across the circuit.

Lance Stroll is ‘still sore’ after his qualifying crash

He was taken to the track’s medical centre where he was cleared of serious injury but on Sunday morning made the call with Aston Martin to sit out the race.

The team statement read: “The team face a huge job repairing the car today and Lance is still sore following such a high impact. Lance’s focus now shifts to fully recovering ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix.”

Team boss Mike Krack added: “The whole team are relieved that Lance was able to step out of the car after yesterday’s accident – however, he is still feeling the after-effects of such a high-impact crash.

“Our priority now is that he makes a full and speedy recovery.

“Together, we have decided that he will sit out this evening’s race and instead focus fully on returning to the cockpit for next weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix.” recommends

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Speaking about his crash on Saturday night, the driver explained: “I was just not really improving my lap time much to get through to Q2 so I sent it into the last corner, tried to make up some time. It was not really doable.

“It happens quickly but I know why I crashed. It was just because I wasn’t going fast enough to get through.

“Having the car two seconds in front is really bad for aero. You lose tonnes of downforce around here with the funnelling of the walls especially.”

He sat in the car for a few minutes, Stroll revealing he was “just checking if everything felt OK on my body. That was the main thing.

“Once I realised everything was OK, it was just shitty because we had a rough session and it’s been rough lately for a while now.

“Qualy just didn’t go our way at all with bad out-laps, traffic, poor tyre preparation. Around here, when those things pile up, it’s such a negative spiral. The result of that was having the crash.”

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