Lance Stroll escapes punishment after Monaco weighbridge transgression

Thomas Maher
Aston Martin's Lance Stroll at the Monaco Grand Prix. Monte Carlo, May 2023.

Aston Martin's Lance Stroll at the Monaco Grand Prix. Monte Carlo, May 2023.

Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll was called before the stewards in Monaco for a qualifying weighbridge transgression.

Lance Stroll was one of the drivers investigated by the stewards in Monte Carlo after a frantic qualifying session.

While Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc headed off to see the stewards after the Ferrari driver impeded Norris through the tunnel while the McLaren driver was on a flying lap, Stroll was called before the stewards for a more technical transgression.

Entering the pits midway through Q2, the Aston Martin driver was summoned to visit the weighbridge by the FIA stewards. But Stroll didn’t appear to see the light change to call him in, instead proceeding down the pit lane to stop at his garage where his mechanics fitted his car with the usual cooling fans and accoutrements.

Stroll was eliminated from Q2 down in 14th place, with his day going to bad to worse as the stewards have called him up for an “Alleged breach of Article 35.1 b) of the FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations,” this relating to a “weighbridge procedure infringement”. recommends

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The wording of the regulation is that “Any driver who fails to stop when asked to do so, and then fails to bring the car back to the FIA garage, or if work is carried out on the car before it is returned to the FIA garage, will be referred to the stewards.”

The stewards though were satisfied that Aston Martin had brought Stroll’s car back to the weighbridge without working on it, and so took no further action.