Irritated Lance Stroll moans ‘it’s f**king s**t’ in US GP engineer exchange

Sam Cooper
Lance Stroll

Lance Stroll has been given a five-place Las Vegas grid penalty.

Lance Stroll had another stressful moment over the Aston Martin team radio as he said “it’s s**t. It’s just f**king s**t” to his race engineer.

The Canadian was the sole driver to fail to make it to the sprint finish line, retiring with two laps to go complaining of a lack of brakes.

But it was the tyre degradation that had annoyed him previously with him voluntarily giving up a place to team-mate Fernando Alonso before fuming at race engineer Ben Michell.

The first incident came in lap 16 when Michell informed Stroll that Alonso was approaching but the driver did not even wait for team instruction as Stroll opted to let him by.

“He can go, my tyres are gone, Ill let him pass,” Stroll said.

But a lap later, he seemed distraught over the radio as his engineer tried to encourage him to continue. Here is how the conversation went:

BM: Okay Lance, just keep your head down. Do what you can to control…

LS: I’m doing it man, it’s s**t. It’s just f**king s**t!

AM: Okay Lance, [tyre] deg is high for everybody. Keep focused

LS: Yeah well it’s higher for me so.

Stroll’s day would last just a lap longer as he opted to retire complaining of a brake issue.