Norris knows what to do to improve in 2020

Finley Crebolder
Lando Norris

Lando Norris says intense calendar will push drivers while they get used to driving an F1 car again.

Lando Norris says he has identified the areas in which he needs to improve in for the upcoming 2020 season.

The McLaren impressed in his first season in Formula 1. He scored 49 points, finishing as high as P6. Furthermore, he won the qualifying battle with team-mate Carlos Sainz.

However, the Spaniard was dominant on Sundays, picking up just under 100 points, nearly double Norris’s total.

Heading into his second season, the Brit will be hoping to put up a better fight and says that, despite the fact that it’ll be a hugely different campaign in many ways,  he knows what he needs to do to do so.

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“It’s good that I can do one weekend after another, but at the same time you don’t get as much time to get back and drive the simulator at McLaren and work on those things,” Norris told The Race.

“It’s going to be different from that perspective, but I still have the same focus, the same need to improve those things which were my limiting factors last year.

“So I’m still going to be going in focusing on them as my weaknesses and trying to improve them and if I can do that, then I’m confident, all together, the package will improve and I can be more consistently up there.

“Although it is a very different kind of situation to go into a second season of Formula 1, the idea of how I’m going to go about it and my idea how to put into practice and things which we did over the pre-season is still relatively the same.”

Norris joined the grid at the age of 19 and was hugely inexperienced. He feels that that was a large factor in Sainz getting the better of him, and therefore feels better prepared with a year under his belt.

“There were a lot of times when I’d look at the data and the video before we go out on track and there are things which I prepared for,” he added.

“But then there’s always a little thing that Carlos would know about from previous years, when the track grips up a bit more, just little things that when you go into qualifying and go into the race how something changes going into that session, which you can’t really prepare for.

“No one really knows about it unless you’re the driver and the driver doesn’t always tell everyone a secret.

“A bit of that is experience and then obviously now I know that, and I didn’t last year. I’m feeling a bit more confident but it’s never easy to go from it from practice into qualifying.

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