Lando Norris prophecy comes true after eerie lie detector statement

Jamie Woodhouse
Lando Norris fist raised in celebration

Could McLaren's Miami win be just the first for 2024?

Lando Norris confidently – and truthfully – stated his belief ahead of the Miami Grand Prix that he could win in 2024, delivering on that in eerily quick fashion.

Despite being regarded as one of the brightest talents on the Formula 1 grid, McLaren driver Norris went into the Miami Grand Prix carrying the unwanted record of most podium finishes without a victory. However, that statistic is no more.

Lando Norris swiftly delivers on lie detector F1 2024 win claim

Having benefitted from a perfectly-timed Safety Car in Miami, which allowed Norris – who was the last of the frontrunners yet to pit – to box and still come out in the lead, he pulled away from Red Bull’s Max Verstappen upon the restart to claim his first victory in impressive fashion.

Norris has said since last season that he believed achieving his first F1 victory was possible in 2024, repeating that when Sky F1 put him through a lie detector test ahead of the Miami Grand Prix.

Asked if he thinks he can win a race in 2024, Norris quickly and clearly replied: “Yes.” The lie detector confirmed that this belief was genuine and as it turned out, with good reason, Norris making sure that prophecy came true at the first attempt in Miami.

McLaren introduced a major upgrade package for the Miami GP which Norris was tasked with putting through its paces, his victory therefore an exciting seal of approval on the progress made.

The next stage will be more consistent victories and then a title challenge, those subjects also covered by Norris in this lie detector test, as he once more gave a “yes” when asked if he believes he can become World Champion, which again came back at truth.

As for whether he thinks that will happen with McLaren, it was another “yes” from Norris and a fresh tick from the lie detector.

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Nonetheless, it did manage to catch Norris out when it came to the subject of money.

The Brit signed a new multi-year contract ahead of the F1 2024 campaign, one which raised some eyebrows at that stage, though a commitment that Norris may now be firmly on the road to validating.

But, when asked if he would still drive for McLaren if they halved his salary, this time, Norris’ “yes” response came back as a lie.

A driver who knows his worth, one could argue.

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