Lando Norris turns to memes in savage reaction to Charles Leclerc ‘inchident’

Jamie Woodhouse
Lando Norris during the Miami Grand Prix. Miami, May 2023.

Lando Norris during the Miami Grand Prix. Miami, May 2023.

Lando Norris had a rather hilarious response to the official F1 Twitter account when his Q3 incident with Charles Leclerc was brought up.

Leclerc had been on a slow lap during Q3 while he prepared for a flying run during what was a thrilling qualifying session on home soil for the Ferrari driver, but that would lead to a rather scary moment for Lando Norris in the McLaren.

Norris would approach the Ferrari at a rate of knots in the tunnel and was forced to back out of the throttle, this incident later resulting in a three-place grid drop for Leclerc, meaning his P3 qualifying result became P6 on the grid.

After the session Norris has been in a mischievous mood when he joked that Leclerc should be “disqualified” for what happened, and as it turned out, his fun and games were not quite over there.

The Formula 1 Twitter account would post footage of the impeding incident, and Norris could not help but offer up a reply which was savage yet hilarious at the same time.

What has become quite the recognisable Leclerc image in the world of memes, a nod to the karting collision which sewed the seed of his rivalry with Max Verstappen, returning to haunt him here on a day where his Monaco curse seemingly revealed a new chapter. recommends

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Leclerc also used meme to express his anguish over the grid drop.

With P3 in Monaco already a tricky starting spot considering the lack of overtaking action typical of Monaco, now starting P6 will make his task a great deal harder as the home hero goes in search of a second podium finish of F1 2023.

Perhaps after all this Leclerc will have the last laugh on Sunday, and let’s be honest, if he does, it would be about time things went his way around the streets of Monte Carlo!