Lando Norris jokes he paid Christian Horner ‘a lot’ for Drive to Survive praise

Sam Cooper
Christian Horner congratulates third placed Lando Norris. Monaco May 2021

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner congratulates third placed Lando Norris from McLaren. Monaco May 2021

Lando Norris has joked he paid Christian Horner “a lot” in order for the Red Bull boss to call him a “good looking young lad.”

A new season of Drive to Survive is around the corner and in preparation, one of the show’s stars, Norris, has been looking back at moments from the previous four seasons.

Appearing alongside members of his Quadrant YouTube channel team, including former F2 driver Max Fewtrell, Norris watched clips of his best moments from the series so far and one particular clip brought a smile to his face.

As part of last year’s season, Daniel Ricciardo’s move to McLaren, where he would partner Norris, was being discussed by the Red Bull boss Horner who had some words of praise for the young Briton.

“The fact that Lando’s younger, he’s a good looking young lad,” Horner said at which point Norris began beaming.

“Christian Horner everyone!” Norris says as he claps his hands with excitement.

Fewtrell then asks Norris “how much did you pay him to say that?” to which Norris jokingly replies “a lot.”

Horner did not stop there, going on to say he “was comfortable with the car, he’s funny” which caused Fewtrell to say “Jesus mate, just sign the [Red Bull] contract with him now!”

Norris laughed it off though, stating he was “happy in orange.”

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Another memorable moment of the video came when Norris made a reference to Netflix’s preference to somewhat alter the truth and use portions of radio clips during different races to make it seem more dramatic, a stylistic choice that drew the ire of Max Verstappen in particular.

The clip that Norris was focused on came during the final season of his team-mate partnership with Carlos Sainz and featured Norris saying “he’s forced me off” during the Bahrain Grand Prix.

But Norris confirmed that clip was not from the same race that was being shown on screen, stating that Netflix had “made it out like we’re biggest enemies here.”

“He’s not anywhere near me!” Norris says as he gestures towards the screen. “Look! He’s not anywhere near me.”
Norris’ annoyance at Netflix’s portrayal of his relationship with Sainz did not stop there though after F1 TV presenter Will Buxton, who serves as narrator for portions of the series, suggested the “gloves were off between those two.”

“The gloves are off between me and Carlos man,” Norris said sarcastically as he leaned back in his chair. “You should have seen use behind closed doors.”