Lando Norris on Christian Horner investigation: Off-track ‘noise’ that has ‘nothing to do with racing’

Sam Cooper
Lando Norris in the McLaren car

Lando Norris in the McLaren.

Lando Norris has described the investigation into Christian Horner as off-track “noise” and says it has nothing to do with the sport.

The aftermath of the investigation into Horner continues to rumble on but Norris believes it is unfair to ask drivers like himself what he thinks of it.

Lando Norris labels Christian Horner investigation as ‘noise’

As a driver for a separate team with no access to all the facts, it is understandable why Norris feels it is unfair to ask him about the investigation and described it as “nothing to do with Formula 1.”

“Thankfully, I’m not in any of it,” he told the media in Saudi Arabia. “There is noise. It’s definitely not, I think, what we should have as a sport. It should only be about racing and what drivers do between one another when we are at the tracks.

“I don’t think the sport should be interrupted by what happens away from the circuit like that. It’s got nothing to do with racing. So that can be a headline somewhere else, but it shouldn’t impact what the chatter is.

“I shouldn’t be getting asked about what happens in people’s private lives. It’s got nothing to do with me. So I try to stay out of it as much as possible. It’s got nothing to do with me, it shouldn’t, it’s not why I’m here.

“So, yes, I guess it distracts and people want headlines and stuff but it’s got nothing to do with Formula 1 and it’s got nothing to do with McLaren and myself. Which is a good thing, because it allows us to focus on what we want to do. But as a sport, it shouldn’t be something that happens either.” recommends

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As for another investigation which certainly affects Formula 1, Norris said he too had no idea about the alleged interference of race results by FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem until it was reported in the media.

“I wasn’t talking directly about that, that’s a bigger topic,” he said. “Again, it’s not something that directly involves me and I’m sure there’s the investigations going on and all of that.

“I don’t know everything about it. If it does come up and the drivers are more involved then absolutely but of course, it wasn’t something that we knew about either.

“And I don’t know all the facts about it. So it’s not something I can speak about but you never want that sort of thing to happen at any point. As long as that gets resolved then all is good.”

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