Lando Norris details ‘crucial’ lessons learned from ex-McLaren team-mate Daniel Ricciardo

Sam Cooper
Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo laughing on the driver parade. Mexico October 2022

McLaren drivers Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo laughing on the driver parade. Mexico October 2022

Lando Norris has praised Daniel Ricciardo’s mentality and said it allowed the Brit to become a better driver.

Norris spent two years inside the same garage as the eight-time race winner and, Monza 2021 aside, while it was not the most successful time in Ricciardo’s history, it seemingly made its mark on Norris.

Partnering Ricciardo was the first time Norris shared the paddock not only with a race winner but also someone as upbeat and as positive as the Australian and Norris said it was that aspect that had the biggest impact on himself.

“I think his experience and mentality, to me, was always crucial in helping me become a better person, a better driver.” Norris told the media following the Monaco Grand Prix.

“Daniel has always done a good job at hiding or just dealing with tough times. That’s something I really admired with what he’s done. I probably wouldn’t be able to look back and really be as happy as what he’s been in the past if I was in a similar position.

“So that’s something I really do admire and try to be more like when I go through tough times.”

The two have since parted ways with Ricciardo leaving McLaren to take up a third driver spot at his former team Red Bull and he believes he has now “flushed out a difficult two years” as he plots his route back into a full time seat.

“I want to keep learning with the team and see what else I can absorb over the next few races,” Ricciardo told “I do want to get back next year. recommends

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“I do want to compete. I feel more refreshed, and obviously, I’ve flushed out a difficult two years. So I’m in a good place.”

Norris meanwhile faces questions over his own future as McLaren continue to struggle to return to form. The Brit’s best finishing position so far in 2023 came with a P6 in Australia and with his McLaren deal set to expire in 2025 there is speculation that he may look to move to another team.

Considering Norris’ talent, there would be a long line of suitors with Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes and Audi all linked to the 23-year-old.