Norris: Ricciardo wave stories are ‘absolute crap’

Date published: May 28 2021 - Mark Scott

Lando Norris

Lando Norris has hit out at those talking “absolute crap” about his wave to Daniel Ricciardo at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Norris waved to his new team-mate as he lapped him on the streets of Monte Carlo and that led to some media outlets and some fans as well to suggest that this was Norris in ‘savage’ mode and was showing who was boss at McLaren.

But, on his latest Twitch stream, Norris took some time to put the record absolutely straight once and for all.

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“All right, so I see so many of you make up absolute crap and nonsense as usual,” Norris said.

“By the way, any time someone lets me pass for a blue flag, anyone, if they get out of the way properly and they should, I put my hand up and say thanks, all right?

“I did it to freaking everyone; Mazepin, Schumacher, Danny…

“Whoever I passed and they got out of the way, I put my hand up and say thanks.

“So, don’t just notice one when I passed Danny and think I’m doing something that is not right.

“Let me just get that point across because I see a lot of stories that people make up.”

The reaction to this non-incident is probably part of the reason why Norris has opted to stop looking at social media and let someone else update his various platforms.

His stellar start to the season continued with a second podium finish of the campaign at the Monaco Grand Prix, which put him back in third spot behind Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton in the World Championship standings.

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