Lando Norris questions FIA’s ‘unsportsmanlike behaviour’ penalty that ‘doesn’t make sense’

Henry Valantine
Lando Norris at the drivers parade. Montreal June 2023.

McLaren driver Lando Norris walks the track before the race. Canada June 2023.

Lando Norris has questioned the five-second penalty handed to him in Canada for unsportsmanlike behaviour on Sunday.

The FIA handed the McLaren driver a penalty for what they dubbed ‘unsportsmanlike behaviour’ after he fell behind team-mate Oscar Piastri under Safety Car conditions in the race.

McLaren later executed a double-stack of pit stops on their drivers, with the gap proving to be beneficial for Norris as he did not have to wait for too long while his team-mate was serviced.

Norris was able to cross the line ninth, but the five seconds added on to his race time dropped him down to P13 come the official chequered flag.

He was racing with Esteban Ocon right up to the line, and Norris revealed his team had not informed him of his penalty while the race was going on, so he was hit with an unwelcome surprise when he realised he came away from the Canadian Grand Prix without any points.

“It doesn’t make sense to me,” Norris told Sky Sports F1 when asked about the penalty.

“I was, what, three seconds, four seconds behind my delta – which everyone quite often is.

“It was too early to box from what we were planning to do, so I wasn’t planning to box in the first place, and then I got a call just before the pit entry.

“So, surprised. I didn’t know [about the penalty], the guys didn’t tell me until just now. recommends

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“Unfortunately, the rest of the race I was very happy with, good overtakes, good racing a lot of the time.

“I don’t think we quite had the pace, but made the most of it, some fun overtakes, so I was happy with how it went.”

When it comes to how Norris was driving behind Piastri, he said that it was no different to how others go about doing so behind the Safety Car – and if he was penalised for how he went, then many, many other drivers over time should have had similar treatment.

“Of course you go slow and you go quick and you speed up,” he explained.

“You want to keep the temperature in the tyres, so everyone leaves gaps and opens up gaps and it wasn’t like I was 10 seconds behind my delta.

“So if it’s because of the delta difference then most people should be given penalties for the last three years or four years, so I’m a bit confused.

“I slowed down to try and warm up the tyres a little bit and then as soon as they told me to box, I pushed and tried going as fast as I can.”