Norris forced to end Twitch stream by F1

Mark Scott
Lando Norris

Lando Norris

Lando Norris had to abruptly end a Twitch stream during the Friday practice washout at the Nurburgring ahead of the Eifel Grand Prix.

The Formula 1 drivers found themselves with a lot of time on their hands after both FP1 and FP2 were cancelled due to poor weather.

Even though the pretty persistent rain did ease at some stages, the accompanying fog simply refused to lift until the evening, meaning there was absolutely zero on-track action.

While the likes of Max Verstappen spent a few hours on his laptop and Lewis Hamilton spent time with his dog, Roscoe, Norris naturally headed to Twitch to keep himself occupied and entertain his legion of followers.

Whilst he was unable to drop into Verdansk, play Fall Guys or pick out imposters in Among Us, he did have McLaren team-mate Carlos Sainz for company.

However, that stream was quickly ended.

“What?!” Norris said as he was informed that the stream had to be closed.

“Ok I think it is time to say goodbye,” Sainz added. “We need to say adios.

“We’re getting told off!”

Before the stream was ended, Norris said: “Go and blame F1, chat.”

This is not the first time Norris has streamed during a race weekend and often shows the fans some behind-the-scenes action wherever the Formula 1 roadshow goes.

However, we suspect the issue on this occasion was that Norris was streaming during a Formula 1 session that was technically ‘live’.

Even though there was no action on the track, the session clock was still ticking down to zero. Maybe it is just us, but we would have much preferred to watch a Lando stream rather than shots of puddles and fog…

Norris has previously spoken about his love for Twitch and said it has helped him build confidence over the years.

He told ESPN: “It’s something I’ve been doing for a few years now but also it’s grown a lot more since getting into Formula One. Especially over the last few months [during the pandemic], I did it pretty much the first day I got back from Australia.

“At one point I had 110,000 viewers… even when I had much less, 10,000 for example, you don’t want to say anything wrong or make yourself look like an idiot. You have to have manners and so on.

“Although I maybe don’t see it straight away, I think naturally in doing so and speaking with people and answering questions and so on, even though it’s through a computer, there’s still a natural change in my demeanour in how I act and how mature I am.”

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