Nielsen: Esports makes Norris one of F1’s biggest

Finley Crebolder

Lando Norris says McLaren have 'gone out of their way' to help him in his rookie Formula 1 season.

Lando Norris is currently one of Formula 1’s most popular drivers thanks to his active online presence, according to analytics company Nielsen.

Since the suspension of the Formula 1 season, the McLaren man has taken the world of Esports by storm, winning various events and getting audiences in the tens of thousands for his live streams.

He already had a huge following of younger people, and Nielsen believes that these exploits, coupled with his team’s recent revival, could provide him with a large amount of support at race weekends once the season is back underway and improve Grand Prix attendances.

“Lando seems to have struck a chord with the Esports stuff and I think the resurgence of McLaren as well has helped,” Nielsen Sport’s Nigel Geach told Reuters.

“There’s a lot of interest and he seems to have done it more than most of the drivers. I think people will follow on from that as well.

“I think it could filter down to the physical side, to getting more attendees at the races.”

As well as becoming more popular in the past year, Baldo Norris, as he is now known, also says he now feels more respected within the sport.

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